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Jimmy Stewart Classic Cut

Jimmy Stewart Classic Haircut
Jimmy Stewart (1908-1997) was an American actor with classic tidy haircut. The sides were cut above the ears; and the back was tapered into the nape & cut above the collar. The top has been parted on the side, above the middle of his right eye. The use of a styling gel will help keep your hair shiny and in place.

Chad Michael Murray Hairstyles

Chad Michael Murray cool hairstyles
This is a cool hairstyle for Chad Michael Murray, an American actor & former fashion model. The style is very comfortable to wear and can be quickly styled using gel or wax.
Here, his hair was cut short in the back, taper on the sides, and the top was left longer. The front hair was layered, combed to the side with a side part. You can also comb the front hair straight up & back. Some blonde highlights have also been added to complete the look. The style works best for straight hair.
Chad Murray hairstyles for men

Daniel Radcliffe Hairstyles

Harry Potter's hairstyles for men
Daniel Radcliffe
(was born on 23 July 1989) is a young English actor best known for his role as Harry Potter in Harry Potter movies.
The top of his hair & the bangs have been jagged cut creating texture & making the hair easy to style. The sides have been cut on an angle covering the top half of his ears. The style is great to soften his facial features.
Radcliffe hairstyles for men Here Radcliffe's style is messy, creative, and easy to recreate. There is no limit to style with texture. The style is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Boo Boo Stewart Hairstyles

cool boys hairstyles from Boo Boo Stewart
Boo Boo Stewart's shaggy layered hairstyle.

Boo Boo Stewart, a young American actor & martial artist, sporting a funky hairstyle. The hair has been cut to shoulder length in the back with razored ends.
Boo Boo Stewart's hairstyle
Boo's messy razored hairstyle.

As shown above, his straight hair was cut in a long heavily razored style that reduces weight through the ends of the hair. To get the hair frames the face nicely, blow-dry the hair forward onto the face. Blow with fingers & some styling product to create a messy & creative look.

Cool Quiff

cool quiff hairstyle
A cool quiff hairstyle that can be styled by applying pomade to your hair, slicking the sides back, combing the fringe straight up, & combing the ends of hair to the back-center of your head.

Josh Duhamel Short Hairstyles

cool mens hairstyles from Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel's short textured haircut

If you want to get a short textured hairstyle, you can learn from Josh Duhamel, a sexy American actor who has sported many sexy short hairstyles. He loves experimenting with texture changes like the pictures below (click on image to view the full picture of Josh Duhamel hairstyles).

Michael Phelps Buzz Cut

Michael Phelps hairstyles for menMichael Phelps Buzz haircut.
Michael Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians. He is a US swimmer who has won 16 Olympic medals including eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics.

Phelps is now sporting a buzz cut hairstyle. The style works great on athletes & looks great on men with a nicely shaped skull like him. But it's not only show off the skull, it also reveals the ears shape. Some men with big ears prefer to get longer style with fuller at the sides to camouflage their big ears size.
short hairstyle for men

Nick Lachey Short Spiky Hairstyle

Men's hairstyle from Nick LacheyNick Lachey with short spiky haircut
Nick Lachey (was born on November 9th, 1973) is an American singer. He has a square face with strong jaws. His short spiky hairstyle work great for him. Wavy & layered textured cut help break up & soften the squareness of his face while spiked style on the top with the center just a little bit longer help elongate the face.
Nick Lachey haircut

James Dean Pompadour Hairstyle

Men's hairstyle from James DeanJames Dean's Pompadour style.

James Dean, an American Legend, was born on February 8th, 1931, in Marion, Indiana, USA. He was a great actor. He is also well-known for his distinctive pompadour hairstyle. The style is created by combing the sides back & blending it into the top, while combing the front straight up & creating a soft curl above the forehead. If you want to get a dry look, you can use a non-shine pomade.

Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

Buzz cut style from Wentworth MillerWentworth Miller's Buzz haircut.
Wentworth Miller (born on June 2nd, 1972 in England) is an American television and film actor best known as "Michael Scofield" on the Fox Network television series Prison Break.
Wentworth Miller hairstyleWentworth Miller with a nicely shaped skull.

Miller's hair is clipper cut short all over the head to a uniform length. His buzz cut reveals his proportional head shape. So, if you want to get this style, make sure you have a proportional shaped head without any scars on the scalp before you shear the hair very closely to the scalp.

Adam Levine Short Spiky Hairstyle

Men's short hairstyle from Adam LevineAdam Levine spiky short hair.
Adam Levine (born on March 18th, 1979) is the frontman of American pop rock band Maroon 5. He looked cool & masculine in this simple but great style with messy texture on the top. The back & sides were taper cut while the top was left longer and razor cut for a soft textured look. The hair can be quickly styled using gel or wax & your fingers.

Pete Wentz Emo Hairstyles

Emo guy hairstyle from Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz hairstyle.

Pete Wentz (was born on June 5th, 1979) is an American musician & primary lyricist of pop punk/emo-rock band from Chicago, Fall Out Boy. He is also well-known for his emo look & guyliner (eyeliner for men).
Pete Wentz's emo spiky hairstyle
Pete Wentz with spiky hair at the crown.

His styles fit any face shape except round face and work best for diamond face, a face which is widest at the cheeks, narrow at the chin and forehead. The bangs help to shorten the length of the face, while the sides curve into a round shape and help make the face appear wider at the top.
Pete Wentz hairstyle Pete Wentz hairstyle
He has sported short spiky hair in the back, longer hair in the back & sides, red streaks at the front, etc.

Alex Evans Emo Hair

Photo by ~saturdayx on deviantART
Alex Evans is one of most notable Emo wearers. His sides & bangs were kept long, cut at an angle to create asymmetric look, and swept across the forehead nicely to frame his face.
Photo by ~saturdayx on deviantART

Chace Crawford Hairstyle

Chace Crawford (born on July 18, 1985) is an American actor. He plays Nate Archibald in a popular teen drama, Gossip Girl. He has a cute but easy to maintain hairstyle. His style is tousled, textured with razor, and side-swept bangs.

To create this style, you can put a little styling product in your damp hair, run through the hair with the fingers from the roots to the ends. Then blow dry forward from the crown area while styling with fingers to create a tousled effect. Apply hairspray to hold the style.

Joe Jonas Hairstyles

Joe Jonas hairstyle
Joe Jonas (born on August 15th, 1989) is a member of the pop band Jonas Brothers. He has black and naturally wavy hair. He is one of young male celebrities who is well-known for his hairstyle. He has sported Joehawk, short straight, longish straight, & natural wavy (like shown above).


Joehawk hairstyle

Joehawk is a version of the Faux Hawk that was popularized by Joe Jonas. It is another way to say Joe's Faux Hawk. The hair at the top was spiked & directed to the middle. Achieving this style is easy. Put a small amount of hair wax in your palms. Rub your hands together to soften the wax. Then, push hair from the root to the middle by using your hands.

Longish Straight

Joe Jonas razor cut hairstyle

Men with wavy hair need a straightener or flat iron to achieve this style, so does he. He straightens his hair by using a straightener. His long layered hair have been razor cut to give the style the softness look at the ends. The sides and back have been cut to the shoulder level and flicked out to create light & wispy look. A hairspray is needed to keep the style into place.

Blake Lewis Hairstyles

Blake Lewis is an American pop singer & beatboxer. He has got straight hair. His spiky messy short crop looked great on him. The sides and back have been clippered short and the top has been left long, layered side, and highlighted blonde.

Blake Lewis is also a good example of a great-looking guy who wears faux hawk best:

Oliver Sykes Hairstyle

Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of the band Bring Me the Horizon, a deathcore band from England. He is also well-known for his adorable emo/scene hair that adored by girls.

He has straight hair that razored at the ends. The sides and back have been kept at shoulder level, and the bangs have been swept to the side at eyebrow level.