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Short Emo Hairstyles For Boys - Emo Hair Fashion

Short  emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles 1.jpg
short emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles

Emo boys wear some amazing and unique emo hairstyles. This is also a great oportunity for getting some ideas and tips for your next emo hairstyle. Enjoy the pictures!

Most emo girls and men guys to the jet black hair for their hair cut and they like the unnatural, uneven look it gives it more spunk. Even though the emo look is becoming more common, it is still an uncommon way for a hair cut. So have fun with it dye it black, chop it up and add some crazy highlights.

Short emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles 2
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - Emo Hair Fashion
Short  emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles 3.jpg
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - Emo Hair Fashion
Short emo hairstyles - boys  emo hairstyles 4.jpg
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - Emo Hair Fashion
emo hairstyles comb over
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - Emo Hair Fashion
Short emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles 5.jpg
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - Emo Hair Fashion
Short emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstyles 6
Short Emo Hairstyles for Boys - 2009 Emo Hair Fashion
Short emo hairstyles - boys  emo hairstyles 7
Short emo hair styles - boys emo haircuts

Alternative Mens Hair Cut

Hiro Mizushima Asian Hairstyles

Hiro Mizushima Asian Hairstyles
Hiro Mizushima Asian hairstyle

The twenty-five-year-old Japanese actor-model Hiro Mizushima has definitely captured the attention of female fans all over the world. After all, who would not be smitten by his boyish looks? However, it's not only his smile that can melt away hearts but also the famous Hiro Mizushima hairstyle.

Hiro Mizushima wavy hairstyle

Hiro Mizushima hairstyle

Depending on his role, his hairstyle can change. Nevertheless, he's more well-loved by his natural hair look, which is wavy. It gives you the impression that even smaller-cut hairs can still be very manageable.

With the wavy hair, it softens his looks to make him look more youthful. It is also a lot easier to maintain. The most important thing is you can make use of a good firming gel, so the hair doesn't turn to straight at any time of the day.

Hiro Mizushima long wavy hairstyle

Obtaining the hairstyle of Hiro Mizushima also entitles you to have a much longer hair than other guys. Otherwise, if it's going to be cropped, it's quite impossible for you to achieve it. Yet you should see to it that your hair doesn't go below your shoulders. You can also emphasize your sideburns.

Hiro Mizushima thinks that it's his teeth that give him the charm. Combine it with a similar hairstyle and you may just make the ladies swoon--just like him.

The Evolution Of The Robin Thicke Hairstyle

Robin Thicke hairstyles
Robin Thicke hairstyle

The singer and songwriter Robin Thicke has gone a long way from his humble beginning to his recent chart-topping successes. His current album, Something Else, has sold more than half a million and spent twenty-eight weeks in the Billboard 200. The song's "Magic" and the "The Sweetest Love" also enjoyed heavy radio play and were in the top two among urban charts. Interestingly, the Robin Thicke hairstyle was very different from his debut in the music industry.

Robin started his career as a songwriter and collaborator for music's popular acts such as 3T, Color Me Badd, and Jordan Knight. While working on his own albums, he would also help produce tracks for artists such as Lil Wayne and other R&B singers such as Ashanti, Usher, 50 Cent, and Jennifer Hudson.

When he released his first album entitled A Beautiful World, Robin was sporting a long wavy hair. His MTV for his first single "When I Get You Alone" would prominently feature his hairstyle as he walked along Manhattan.

Robin Thicke short hairstyles
Robin Thicke short hairstyle

Robin Thicke haircut
Robin Thicke haircut

Robin Thicke hairstyles
Robin Thicke short hair

It was on his next album that he would change his appearance. Echoing the album's title, The Evolution of Robin Thicke, he loses the long hair and decides for a shorter one. The sides and the back are cut short and can be easily blended with his top hair. His natural wavy hair gives it more texture from jagged cut it already achieves.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles Throughout The Years

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

Leonard DiCaprio, he sure is a boyishly handsome guy. He is still a young man, even though he is well into his thirties. He has a large list of nominations and awards under his belt. Do you think he has an award for his hairstyle? His hairstyle is pretty popular in today's age. There are many guys who wish to look like him, but they know that they will never be able to do that, so they settle for one of his styles. So, what about Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles? Do you wish you could have one?

Leonardo DiCaprio boys hairstyle
Leonardo DiCaprio blonde bangs hairstyle

A youthful, classic look from young DiCaprio. He had some variations include middle part, blonde bangs that were long and shaggy. They were almost perfectly round going all the way around his head. Do you remember these styles?

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
DiCaprio angled layers

Leonardo DiCaprio long bangs hair
DiCaprio long bangs

We have also saw him with angled layers and long bangs. The long bangs have been side swept to create a soft shape around his face.

Leonardo DiCaprio Howard Hughes hairstyle
Howard Hughes sleek and smooth hairstyle

When he played Howard Hughes in the Aviator movie, his hair was cut short with little layering around the edges. On the front, it was left a bit longer with jagged texture for that sleek and smooth. The style works best for men with straight and slightly wavy hair.

Leonardo DiCaprio slicked back Hairstyles
Leonardo DiCaprio slicked back hairstyle

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

He also has a tendency to highlight his dark blonde hair with some lighter frosted tips. We have noticed that this style really brings out his blue eyes. Highlighting can also gives depth to your hairstyle. If you are going for a one length hairstyle, then you may want to look into this tip.

Kim Bum Hairstyles - Cute Korean Hairstyles

Kim Bum Asian Hairstyles
Kim Bum Asian hairstyle

Kim Bum (Kim Sang Bum), born July 7, 1989, is a South Korean actor and singer. He has starred in several television series and movies. He is probably best known for his role as So Yi Jung in the Korean drama, Boys over Flowers. This program is popular throughout most of Asia and the Philippines.

Kim Bum Straight Shag Hairstyles
Kim Bum straight shag hairstyle

For his role in Boys over Flowers, Kim wears his hair in a medium length straight shag. This style is easy to achieve with a small amount of gel to hold the bangs to one side so that vision is not obscured. It looks clean cut enough to be acceptable in most settings while looking messy enough to show off a person's individuality.

Kim Bum Cornrows Hairstyles
Kim Bum cornrows hairstyle

For his role in the upcoming movie, Emergency, Kim wore his hair in cornrows on the sides and loose on top. This style is considerably more time consuming to achieve. It also does not look as attractive on him as the shag. Fortunately, this look is only for the one movie and will not be around long.

The shag is one of the best haircuts for someone with relatively thin, straight hair. It looks fuller and is easy to style compared to other options besides a buzz cut.

Dave Navarro Hairstyles

Dave Navarro hairstyle
Dave Navarro hairstyle

Dave Navarro is a talented American guitar player who plays lead guitar for the alternative rock band, Jane's Addiction. He has also played for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the cover band, Camp Freddy. Born in Santa Monica, CA on June 7, 1967, Navarro became interested in playing guitar when he was seven years old and heard a Jimi Hendrix song played at a local skating rink.

Dave Navarro hairstyle
Dave Navarro hairstyle

Dave has produced his own unique look with his hairstyle and beard combination. To achieve this style, he has his cut to the contours of his ears with the sides tapered. The length in back is longer and the top is layered.

He wears a thin, well defined mustache that turns down and joins his full goatee. He allows his sideburns to go all the way down the sides of his face and has them cut squarely with his neck hair to turn back to the goatee.

Dave Navarro haircut
Dave Navarro haircut

This particular style looks quite good on Navarro with his large facial features and somewhat elongated facial shape. The hair style is achieved by combing a small amount of mousse through the hair as it is flipped back and allowing it to dry in place.

Sting Short Hairstyles

Sting short hairstyle
Sting hairstyle

Sting, as he is popularly known, is a British singer, songwriter, actor, and activist. He was born in Wallsend, England on October 2, 1951. While currently a solo artist, he was once the lead singer and bassist for the band The Police. Prior to then, he was a school teacher in Cramlington, England.

Sting hairstyle
Sting spiky hairstyle

Sting has a receding hairline, so he tends to wear his hair short. Best hairstyle for Sting is flipping the hair back with the very front pulled up into spikes. This style is probably easier to maintain than the former and takes a minimal amount of hair product to get the spikes to stand up properly due to the shortness of his hair.

Sting hairstyle
Sting hairstyle

One style he seems to like is having his hair combed forward so that the bangs are just at the top of the forehead. He then takes his fingers and runs them through the hair with a small amount of gel on them to give him a slightly messy, devil may care look. Both hairstyles are very complementary to his features.

Tips On How To Make Cornrows

Making cornrows hair
Making cornrow braids

One very popular hairstyle among black males, and gaining popularity among white males, is known by the name cornrows. These tight little braids are very easy to maintain and look good as a general rule. Yet, there are still a lot of men out there who have absolutely no idea how to get their hair braided into such neat and even little rows. This is why we are offering these tips on how to make cornrows.

If one has ever French braided his girlfriend's or spouse's hair, he understands the basic technique already. Making cornrows is exactly the same as French braiding on a much smaller and tighter scale.

The first step is to wash their hair and let it dry thoroughly. It is recommended that a good condition or be used to help eliminate tangles and make the hair easier to comb. Hair wax may also be used during the braiding process to help keep the hair from tangling and to make it easier to handle.

When one is ready to start braiding, he should part his hair twice leaving a strip about a half-inch wide of hair right at the top of the head all the way back to the neck. Next, he will take a small test of hair right at the very front and separated into three equal sized portions. The cornrows started by braiding these three portions two or three times, then using the index finger to add a small amount of additional hair into the braid on each pass. The hair is braided in this fashion, with a small amount added each time, until all of the hair has been pulled into the braid all the way back to the neck, or longer if the hair is longer.

The first braid should be secured with either a bead are an elastic band designed to hold hair. The next braid should be created from an approximately one half inch strip of hair on either side of the first braid. After this strip is completed and secured, one should go to the other side of the first braid to take a one half inch strip and braid it all the way back. The process is repeated working a strip on each side all the way down so that one has an equal number of braids on either side of the head.

Making cornrows is not as difficult as it seems. It is, however, time-consuming. It is also easier to have a friend or partner do the braids for you than to attempt to do it yourself. However, if no one is available, one could make the cornrows without any assistance.

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Haircut

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Haircut
Lil Wayne Dreadlocks haircut

Lil Wayne has sailed through the charts with his rap albums. He has graced almost all music awards and has been nominated in several categories. However, he's not only known for his music. He's also famous for his drug arrests, four children from different mothers, Obama references, and, yes the Lil Wayne dreadlocks.

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Haircut
Lil Wayne Dreads hairstyle

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Haircut
Lil Wayne Dreadlocks haircut

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks
Lil Wayne Dreadlocks

Lil Wayne Dreads Hair
Lil Wayne Dreadlocks hair

There's something you should know about his hair, though. Dreadlocks, which are described as coils of hair that have been heavily matted, can be achieved in two ways. You can opt not to wash or even comb your hair for several days and even months, until they will naturally knot themselves together.

Another is to do it with the help of a hairstylist. Because of its popularity especially among the men, a lot of salons are now open to backcombing and twisting hairs until they form knots or dreadlocks.

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks hairstyle

No one really knows for sure if the Lil Wayne dreads happen naturally or not, but if you want to get such look, you have to ensure that your hair is not curly. You have lesser chances of getting knots with them, and they're more difficult to manage.

Second, wait for your hair to grow. You can dread even the shortest hair, but if you are really after Lil Wayne, then you have to be patient. His is long. Let's not forget that he didn't color it to anything else. He let it stay black.

Bi Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) Hairstyles - Cool Asian Celebrity Hairstyles

Bi Rain Asian hairstyle
Bi Rain hairstyle

Bi Rain hairstyles are known to be quite popular with men. For those who aren't aware, Bi Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) is a leading Korean singer cum actor. He is known for this layered hairstyle, which gives him that extra edge over the other cute heroes. He has become a brand name in the advertising world for his edgy hairstyles and perfect attitude. These hairstyles can be spotted in the ads by Nature Republic, the famous cosmetic brand with which he signed a two year contract worth 1.2 million US dollars.

The Bi Rain hairstyle can be easily achieved by going for a razor cut. This hairstyle can either be worn short or long according to your tastes and preferences. For those with a good body build can wear this hairstyle long to go with both casual or formal wear. And for those who have a quite petite frame can wear it short so as not to highlight their height.

Bi Rain Korean hairstyle
Bi Rain hairstyle

If you want to try out the Bi Rain hairstyles at home, you may ask your hair stylist to apply a small amount of wax and then flip the ends. This will easily help you acquire the light and airy look, which forms the main feature of this hairstyle. In order to complete the look, you may as well apply a soft hold hairspray. This will help you keep the wispy look in an appropriate condition.

These hairstyles particularly look good in the summer season. In the festive season, you may try out the hairstyle in an altogether different way. You can apply a small amount of gel and then back-brush your hair.

This hairstyle is known to be one amongst the trendy haircut ideas for boys. Such is the growing popularity of this childish looking actor, it's not far away when you may actually find the girls sporting Bi Rain hairstyles.

Crew Cut Hairstyles

Crew cut hairstyle
Crew cut hairstyle

A crew cut is a style of cutting the hair that starts with the hair one length in the front and tapers to a uniformly shorter length at or near the crown of the head. The sides and back can actually be of short or medium length, though when most people think of a crew cut, they think of a buzz cut.

Sam Worthington Crew cut hairstyle
Sam Worthington (as Jake Sully in Avatar movie) with a crew cut style.

Crew Military haircut
Military Crew cut

Most people think that the crew cut gets its name from the US military. The truth of the matter is that the hair cut got its name from its adoption by the Yale rowing crew in the 1890s. This hair cut was not adopted by the military until World War II. It was then determined that a buzz cut with the sides and back cut short (high and tight) was a good way to eliminate lice and other pests that like to live in the hair.

Flat-top haircut
Flat-top haircut

Some of the more notable variations on this style include the flat top, the buzz, and the butch. All three of these are classed as short haircuts because the longest hair is generally not over an inch in length. In fact, most cuts range from one quarter inch to three quarters of an inch in length.

When the game of football was first invented, the helmets worn by the players were somewhat flimsy, being made of leather. At that time, football players tended to wear their hair longer. Later, when the switch was made to hard plastic helmets, most teams, starting with Yale's football team, adopted the crew cut for their players.

At some point during the mid 1960s, a man's haircut became a symbol for his political beliefs. Men who wore long hair were considered to be liberal, often referred to as hippies whether they embraced the hippy movement or not. Men with more conservative views tended to wear their hair shorter, with the most conservative adopting the buzz cut.

Ricky Martin long crew cut
Ricky Martin long crew cut

Today, unless a man is in the military, it is not overly common to see anyone sporting a crew cut. There are a few, however, who tend to wear some variation on it, either a flat top or a buzz cut. In general, even now, these tend to be men with ultra conservative views as opposed to the more liberal who sport medium to long hair. Long hair does not carry the negative connotations that it did in the 60s and early 70s, but a buzz cut is still the mark of conservatism.