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Tips On How To Make Cornrows

Making cornrows hair
Making cornrow braids

One very popular hairstyle among black males, and gaining popularity among white males, is known by the name cornrows. These tight little braids are very easy to maintain and look good as a general rule. Yet, there are still a lot of men out there who have absolutely no idea how to get their hair braided into such neat and even little rows. This is why we are offering these tips on how to make cornrows.

If one has ever French braided his girlfriend's or spouse's hair, he understands the basic technique already. Making cornrows is exactly the same as French braiding on a much smaller and tighter scale.

The first step is to wash their hair and let it dry thoroughly. It is recommended that a good condition or be used to help eliminate tangles and make the hair easier to comb. Hair wax may also be used during the braiding process to help keep the hair from tangling and to make it easier to handle.

When one is ready to start braiding, he should part his hair twice leaving a strip about a half-inch wide of hair right at the top of the head all the way back to the neck. Next, he will take a small test of hair right at the very front and separated into three equal sized portions. The cornrows started by braiding these three portions two or three times, then using the index finger to add a small amount of additional hair into the braid on each pass. The hair is braided in this fashion, with a small amount added each time, until all of the hair has been pulled into the braid all the way back to the neck, or longer if the hair is longer.

The first braid should be secured with either a bead are an elastic band designed to hold hair. The next braid should be created from an approximately one half inch strip of hair on either side of the first braid. After this strip is completed and secured, one should go to the other side of the first braid to take a one half inch strip and braid it all the way back. The process is repeated working a strip on each side all the way down so that one has an equal number of braids on either side of the head.

Making cornrows is not as difficult as it seems. It is, however, time-consuming. It is also easier to have a friend or partner do the braids for you than to attempt to do it yourself. However, if no one is available, one could make the cornrows without any assistance.

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