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Joe Jonas Hairstyles

Joe Jonas hairstyle
Joe Jonas (born on August 15th, 1989) is a member of the pop band Jonas Brothers. He has black and naturally wavy hair. He is one of young male celebrities who is well-known for his hairstyle. He has sported Joehawk, short straight, longish straight, & natural wavy (like shown above).


Joehawk hairstyle

Joehawk is a version of the Faux Hawk that was popularized by Joe Jonas. It is another way to say Joe's Faux Hawk. The hair at the top was spiked & directed to the middle. Achieving this style is easy. Put a small amount of hair wax in your palms. Rub your hands together to soften the wax. Then, push hair from the root to the middle by using your hands.

Longish Straight

Joe Jonas razor cut hairstyle

Men with wavy hair need a straightener or flat iron to achieve this style, so does he. He straightens his hair by using a straightener. His long layered hair have been razor cut to give the style the softness look at the ends. The sides and back have been cut to the shoulder level and flicked out to create light & wispy look. A hairspray is needed to keep the style into place.

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