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Short Haircuts:Mens Military Haircuts

Mens Short Haircuts picture
All about Mens Military Haircuts

For most men, the ideal hairstyle is one that is not only extremely fashionable and versatile. More important for most men is the fact that they are able to have a hairstyle that requires very little or no maintenance at all. This is the reason why mens military haircuts are extremely popular whether they belong in the military or not.
Mens Military Haircuts:High and Tight
Mens Military Haircuts picture
This is a classic short haircuts for men:A very common haircut among US Marines, Army Rangers, and athletes. The hair is cut “high and tight” on the sides and back -Photo © MTMCOINS | iStockphoto.com
Mens military haircuts are called as such because they look very much like the prescribed haircuts for military personnel who were required to wear extremely short hair. Because men in the military are being trained to be ready for combat at any point in time, cadets and military officers are required to wear these extremely short hairstyles to ensure that they would not have to worry about maintaining their hair whether they are assigned in a comfortable military base or out on the field for months at a time. That is because you do not need any styling products and spend long periods of time styling your hair. You can also maintain the length of your hair on your own. All you would just need is just a trusty electronic hair clipper to do the job for you, making it a well-loved hairstyle among men of all ages and of different hair types.
mens classis short haircut picture
mens classis short haircut  image
While all mens military haircuts are characterized by their extremely short hair length, there are a number of different variations that have become a fashion statement. One such variation is the high and tight cut or the buzz cut. Named after the buzzing sound made by hair clippers when they get this haircut, the tight cut provides a just-barely-there look for men of all ages. The hair is clipped up to just one sixteenth of an inch, and is even a great way to conceal premature baldness brought about by excessive hair loss.
Classic Short Haircuts:Mens Military Haircuts
Short Mens Military Haircuts
The flat top is another of the different variations of mens military haircuts now becoming in fashion. Here, the hair on the crown of your head is shaved up to about half and inch to about an inch from the scalp. The hair located on the sides of the head is then cleanly shaved. These are ideal for those that want to get a wash-and-go hairstyle but not really want to go to the extent of appearing bald.

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