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The Most Popular Hairstyles for Men This Season

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With 2011 rapidly approaching many men are considering the changes they want to make for the New Year. One thing lots of men vow to change is their hairstyle. However, finding the right men’s hairstyle for 2011 requires a little research not to mention consideration of one’s own style, face, and more. The following discussion of men’s hairstyles for the coming year just might give you some ideas for your own hair or at least help you decide what you don’t want!

For 2011 the classic cuts that have been popular forever remain in style. This is good news for those men who have classic cuts and don’t really want to change but like to be in style. It’s also good news for all the men who need a new hairstyle and a classic short cut suits their face and style.

The Caesar cut has been in style for a few years and it will remain that way for 2011. This cut is traditionally short all over with the bangs pushed forward and upward. Gel and mousse mixed together is a great way to keep the Caesar cut in place for the day without making the hair look glassy or without movement. The Caesar look is perfect for young men who are in college or even young to middle age professionals. The Caesar look goes great with preppy clothes and a freshly shaved face.
2011 Cool mens hairstyles: spiky haircuts
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Another take on the Caesar cut is a similar style that is short yet spiked all over. This can easily be accomplished by having the hair cut fairly short and then gelling it all over. The hair will spike with little effort and is a great way to look youthful and carefree. This is a great style for men who are still studying or have yet to enter the workforce. It’s a fun hairstyle, but not really a professional one.
Trendy Short Haircuts for men 2010-2011
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A cool men’s hairstyles for 2011 will be a short allover cut complemented by gelled bangs that go up and back. They don’t stick straight up like in years past, but are rather gelled backwards a bit. They don’t lie flat against the head, but they don’t stick up either. This gives a fresh approach to a short hairstyle.

Perfectly styled hair is out for 2011 and messy hair is back in. That means a medium length hairstyle should be washed, slightly dried, and then “messed” with gel or paste. This purposely messy look is cool and fun and is a great option for all men in 2011. Who doesn’t want to look like they have just spent an hour with a woman running their hands through his hair?

Also, hair that is longer is a cool look for 2011. Men who like longer styles should go for a long layered look rather than an all over layered style. The hair should fall just a bit past the shoulders and be off the face. This is a super stylish look if it is cut correctly so if you want a long style make sure you go to a salon and not a barber.

Finally, before you decide on a hairstyle for 2011 you need to consider your face shape, your style, where you work, and the perception you want to give. If you want to look like the professional lawyer you are then a classic conservative cut might be the best option. However, if you are a new member of a rock band then a longer more trendy style might be the best choice for you. There are lots of things to take into consideration when considering a 2011 hairstyle, but finding what is right for you won’t be so difficult if you just check out the styles and choose one that fits you!

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